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Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Treatment

Genesis CancerCare New South Wales deep inspiration breath hold

For patients with left-sided breast cancer or lung cancer, one of the treatment risks is radiation being delivered to the heart (the heart sits on the left side of the body). Deep Inspiration Breath Hold treatment offers a safe, simple and effective way to minimise this treatment risk and side effects.

What happens during treatment?

Treatment is delivered using Deep Inspiration Breath Hold technology that is programmed to match each patient’s breathing cycle.

When a patient holds their breath, there is an increase in the natural space between the heart and the radiation beam. Patients only need to be able to hold their breath for a short period (around 20 seconds) several times during treatment.

The specialised equipment will only allow the treatment machine to deliver radiation whilst the patient is holding their breath.

Comparison between free breathing and DIBH - 

Genesis CancerCare New South Wales deep inspiration breath hold example

Figure 1 (Above left): Free breathing treatment - heart receives high dose radiation
Figure 2 (Above right): Deep inspiration breath hold treatment - heart outside radiation field (heart delineated in blue)

The patient is in control

The patient can simply talk to our team, or use a small hand held controller if at any time they want to stop during treatment. This gives the patient the unique opportunity to have complete control.

Why consider DIBH?

  • Safer treatment that minimises the radiation dose to the lungs and heart during treatment
  • Complete control and the option to stop treatment
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Reduction in potential side effects

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