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At Genesis CancerCare we have many types of monitors and systems that go buzz and beep. These monitors and systems assists doctors and nursing staff in their day to day duties, caring for our patients. Many of these become redundant through upgrades and health standard changes.

Q. What happens to the older and still very functional systems?

A. Medical Repurposing Network (MRN) cares and has done so for the past 7 years.

Wayne Leathem, a Theatre Scrubs Nurse at the Mater Hospital North Sydney, founded MRN. He volunteered countless hours of his own time sourcing and delivering discarded medical equipment and supplies for health care services in disadvantaged communities in Timor-Leste, PNG, Philippines and Fiji.

In 2016 GenesisCare heard of Wayne’s program and offered many items from our Anesthetic environment to MRN. The Anesthetic Machine has been dispatched to Cebu Provincial Hospital Balamban Philippines and the IV Syringe Pump is in use at Bairo Pite Clinic Dili, Timor-Leste.

"This was the single biggest list of medical items I have received from one donor and while not all items can be used in the one location they will find a home, having a good base of items to send off to those in need has allowed MRN to expand our services to Fiji," said Wayne.

The rest of the items has allowed MRN to set up an online Warehouse so that beneficiary hospitals can select what they need. This inactive site has proved to be very successful.

MRN and Rotary Club of Sydney Cove work hand in hand and Rotary’s partnership brings a wider network of services to MRN projects and with the addition of the “Wish List” area on the MRN web site has allowed beneficiary hospital asking for what they need.

MRN and Rotary are both non-for-profit organisations and their efforts relay on donations and donations-in-kind.

View donated machines from Genesis CancerCare:

MRN Web Link IV Syringe Pump http://mrnetwork.com.au/syringe-plump.html
MRN Web Link Anesthetic Machine http://mrnetwork.com.au/aneathetic-2016.html

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