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We Listen (CAC)

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The CAC celebrating NPS +90 in this photo because it's important to celebrate success!

GenesisCare recognises that one of the best ways of enhancing quality of care is to listen to and partner with people who have experienced cancer and its treatments.

Using this experience, our consumers provide advice and make an active contribution as key partners in the planning, delivery and reform of our services, by working with us as part of the National Consumer Advisory Committee (CAC).

Consumer Advisory Committee Strategic priorities:

Consumer Advisory Committee Strategic Priorities
1. Consumer Choice to reinforce to potential patients that they have the right to make choices
2. Communication training to highlight the importance of ongoing soft skill training programs with a particular emphasis on the importance and impact of communication on the patient experience
3. Information availability to ensure accurate, reliable and consistent information is available to all consumers so they can make informed decisions about treatment
4. Allied Health support to advocate for support services designed to facilitate holistic care for consumers
5. Involve the support person to encourage the participation of carers in all phases of treatment
6. Aftercare to promote the provision of a holistic aftercare mentoring program to help bridge the 'what next' gap and help reduce feelings of vulnerability upon finishing treatment.

Meet our Comittee

carol coady

Carol Coady

Carol's husband, Peter, was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer 10 years ago, she accompanied him to hospital visits, chemotherapy and radiation therapy sessions, scans and doctors' visits. Having had her father die of cancer at home 26 years ago and acting as her husband's carer, Carol hopes to use her experiences to help anyone who finds themselves in the same position. If she is not babysitting her grandchildren she might be on the golf course, walking, swimming, volunteering at the local art theatre or serving as Justice of the Peace. Carol retired in 2003 after helping manage a family run pharmacy, as an accountant, for 30 years. She hopes that the combined experiences of the committee will help others through their cancer journey.

doug jones 180

Doug Jones

Following a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2006, Doug received High Dosage Brachytherapy treatment and External Beam Radiation Therapy. Five years later his pelvic lymph nodes were radiated when new equipment allowing pin-point accuracy became available. Working as an electrical engineer and now project manager with a Swiss multi-national company, his work specialises in electrical interconnectivity products and solutions. Doug is in his element when working with wood; custom picture framing and making fine acoustic guitars helps him to release his creativity. He strongly believes in the importance of a holistic approach to cancer treatment and is keen to contribute ideas whereby future patients are able to receive excellent treatment and care regardless of which state or country the care is administered.

ken coady 180

Ken Brown

Ken is a survivor of an aggressive prostate cancer. He recognises that people can benefit from a greater understanding of cancer through better communication and support. Ken is a business and finance professional who enjoys helping people budget their finances. He has been a volunteer committee member with numerous community support groups, a member of public speaking clubs, and had a hobby oyster farm in Northern NSW. He believes that with a good attitude, great support and by embracing the best treatment available there can be many more survivor stories like his. He hopes that his work with the Consumer Advisory Committee will help empower individuals to have the will and resources to do the very best for themselves.

denise mcgowan 180

Denise Mc Gowan

Denise was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the right breast resulting in the need for a lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy. She strongly believes in the importance of considering the emotional and physical side effects and to have a strategy in place to ease patient concerns. Denise is passionate about giving more insight into the difficulties that patients may face. She has worked as a personal assistant to a Financial Planner for the last 13 years and in her spare time is the treasurer of her local Football club, and helps with fundraising. Her main focus with her work on the Consumer Advisory Committee is letting people know that they have a choice when it comes to treatment options.

patricia grieg 180

Patricia Greig

Pat is a survivor of cancer, she initially noticed a pimple on her face which was eventually diagnosed as a malignant tumour. Aged 74, Pat loves helping people and spending time with her family, she previously ran a business for over 10 years with her late husband. She hopes that her life threatening experience and the Consumer Advisory Committee will be able to help future patients access the support they need while having their treatment. Pat is excited to be involved in this worthwhile venture as it will be invaluable and helpful to other patients.

john dowling 180

John Dowling

John and his wife Beverley were looking forward to an active and enjoyable retirement when John was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2013. Following surgery, radiation and ADT, John is now looking forward to a successful long-term outcome with recent results showing no cancer cell activity. Spending his working life in corporate sales and marketing, John is now involved with a number of local community and charitable organisations. He is finally enjoying his retirement by dancing with his wife, appreciating music, theatre and literature and being poppy to his three grandchildren. He hopes to define and articulate improved environments that may help to minimise the traumas commonly accompanying patients on this path; teaching and enabling them to live with confidence and hope in spite of the challenges they face.

Barbara rhode

Barbara Rohde

Barbara was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer in 2001, which left her needing surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. She is currently completing a Master of Public Health online through Charles Darwin University and has worked in various roles at the University of South Australia after starting her career as a primary school teacher. She has been involved with other consumer representative groups and wants to ensure that the consumer voice is heard and reflected in every aspect of care, treatment and follow-up services on the cancer journey. Barbara hopes to see a future in which the needs of the consumer will be at the heart of every decision affecting the quality of care and services provided to reduce patient anxiety and fear.

pamela bell

Pamela Bell

Pamela hopes that her experience as both a health professional and as a cancer patient will assist others through the cancer journey. Diagnosed in 1998 with Grade III Breast Cancer, Pamela underwent chemotherapy, radiation therapy and drug therapy. She has had many years clinical experience as a Registered General Nurse and Midwife, as well as an Honours Degree in Psychology and a P.H.D.. Pamela was the scholarship recipient to the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium USA as patient advocate, consumer advocate on the Curriculum Advisory Committee, RANZCR, the Oncology Education Committee of Cancer NSW and consumer advocate for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). She looks forward to working with other consumers and members of the radiation profession to improve the experience of all cancer patients.

john stubbs

John Stubbs

Sixteen years ago John was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. He is a committed and passionate advocate for people affected by cancer. He holds degrees in Accounting and Arts and is a regular speaker at medical conferences in Australia and internationally about cancer policy, advocacy, clinical trials, research and related issues. He was awarded an Honorary Associate of the University of Sydney - School of Medicine in 2009 for work in the promotion of Clinical Trials in Australia and a Recognition Award from the Federal Department of Health in 2011 for - "long standing commitment to advancing the quality of radiation oncology services in this country".


With sincere thanks to previous serving members of the Consumer Advisory Committee: Alvaro Alonco, David Vance (RIP) and Peter Coady (RIP).

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